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Another First Impression - MP5 Suppressor Comparisons

Earlier we shared with you David O'Donnell's initial impression of the D9 suppressor on Zenith's Z-5 (MP5) platforms. The two most remarkable characteristics he noted were target acquisition, handling and lack of blow-back. In this installment, David shares his observations and opinions of the Dead Air Wolf 9SD, the Silencerco Omega 9K, and the D9 on those same platforms.

One remarkable moment is when David compares the sound attenuation abilities of the suppressors. We could discuss it further here, but you'll most likely get more out of the video.

David is a good evaluator; he's a practiced and experienced shooter, he's managed a gun shop selling suppressors, he's a sales rep in the sporting goods industry, and he's a straight shooter (yes, it's a pun).

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