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Patented Suppression Method*
*Patent No. 11,221,189

Minimizes blowback and POI shift

Application-specific devices for professional use

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Acadian Armament believes that silencer designs should reflect the users’ needs. If that identifies the need for a new technology, then so be it. 

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Parallel-Path Baffle technology allows for top-tier performance in a very small size.

Minimal Blow-back

Preserves Shot Precision

Small Physical Size

Resists bullet strikes

x​Shot grouping remains precise with shooters documenting sub-MOA hits at 1,000 yards.


Patent 10,634,444 B2 


Two-Stage Suppressor technology is unmatched for precision shooting.

Unsurpassed Accuracy

No Ballistic POI Shift

Reduces Yaw & Drag

Incredible Recoil Management

Lightweight - Small

Target stays “in glass” throughout the shot.

Patent No. 10,222,163 B2

Precision Silencers
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