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Exclusive purchase program for Oklahoma law enforcement agencies and officers.

The deadline for participation is August 31, 2022

(Deadline extensions will be considered. Contact us for details.)

Program Description

Acadian Armament, maker of the Predator™ and Patriot™ brands of firearm silencers, with the cooperation of the Oklahoma Sheriff and Peace Officers Association (OSPOA), is offering special purchase prices for Oklahoma law enforcement agencies and officers.

The Objective

Provide professional-grade firearm suppressors to agencies, regardless of size, and to individual officers at prices usually reserved for high-volume purchases.

The Plan

Based on demand, Acadian Armament will dedicate a production run quantity of suppressors (1) specifically for this program. Acadian Armament will then transfer the suppressors directly to the participants (2).  All participants pay the same unit price (3).


Agencies should submit either 1) a Purchase Order or 2) a written Indication of Interest (IOI) specifying the quantities and types of suppressors they intend to purchase. Acadian Armament will accommodate agency fiscal deadlines and administrative policies and schedules wherever possible.

                Please send POs and IOIs to

                If needed, call Roy at 337-739-1858

                Individual officers should contact Blake Powers at 580-819-2276


(NOTE: Orders, POIs, and POs submitted after August 31 will be filled on a first-come basis as supply permits.)

The Fine Print

  1. If demand for a certain model is insufficient to justify a production run, Acadian Armament will fill the order with current inventory at the same price.

  2. All transfers are directly from Acadian Armament to minimize markup. Transfers to agencies are contingent upon ATF Form-5 approval. Transfers for individuals will be through Tin Star Shooting Range in Weatherford, OK. Acadian Armament will transfer to Tin Star contingent upon ATF Form-3 approval. Tin Star will facilitate the transfer to the individual contingent upon ATF Form-4 approval. Individual purchasers are responsible for the $200 per item ATF stamp tax.

  3. PRICING: To receive the price schedule one of the following two ways:

    1. Send an email request FROM YOUR AGENCY EMAIL ADDRESS to or

    2. Call Blake Powers at 580-819-2276


This promotion cannot be repeated.

We want to thank the following who are helping to make this happen:

Matt Wilson – The Tin Star Shooting Range, Weatherford, OK

Scott Hooper – On Target Outdoors, Castle Rock, WA

Caleb Morse – The Rustic Renegade, Lafayette, LA

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