Acadian Armament Patriot™ series suppressors

Distant Thunder USA AR15 10" - Custom

  • Acadian Armament Defender

  • Centurian Arms ML1510 Handguard

  • Manta M-Lok Rail Guards

  • JP H3 Silent Captured Spring

  • JP Low Profile Gas Block

  • Sig Sauer Romeo5


I bought this suppressor (Defender) for my Ruger 10/22. and I love it. The Ruger has a carbon fiber barrel with a rimfire rifle scope and Hogue stock. I thought the suppressor would make the rifle muzzle a little heavy but after it was attached I was very happy how it felt. After an email session with Mr. Roy Couvillion, I purchased some standard velocity ammo and started shooting. Wow what a difference. I was able to shoot while my wife was sitting next to me on her cell phone and didn't bother her one bit Disassembly and cleaning is a breeze, thanks to the simplicity of the design. Mr. Couvillion was quick to respond to all my questions, which means a lot. Can't begin to tell you how much fun I am having shooting and am shooting more now than ever. I can say this purchase was definitely worth it. Thanks to Mr. Couvillion for his product, Mike Moore for his recommendation, and to Justin at Dave's Gun Shop for all his help. I hope to be able to purchase another suppressor from Acadian Armament in the near future.

James P Mouton

It really surprised me how well it works on a 7-3/4" Primary Weapons piston upper. I know I told you I was skeptical about how well you said the Defender performed on 7" guns but I’m now a believer. 


I cleaned mine right after shooting it, one really nice feature is that you can very easily clean this suppressor. 


Thank you for a great product and I can’t wait to see what else your creative mind produces. 


Good Shooting,


Oroville, WA

Great addition to my PRS gas gun!

Host firearm and ammo: Daniel Defence V7 Pro - 77gr Federal Premium GMM


I recently set up a precision AR to use in PRS gas gun matches. I previously shot the Defender on carbines and was very pleased, but as a compliment to a precision instrument, it is even more impressive. I am now squeezing every bit of accuracy potential out of the rifle with the Defender and am eager to try it in a match.

New Iberia Louisiana

This suppressor is very light and compact. I tested it on a 10.5" Distant Thunder AR-15 SBR. The rifle was equipped with a Sig Romeo 4 red dot sight. The entire package was light and maneuverable. The sound reduction of this suppressor was such that it could be comfortably fired with no ear protection. I would describe the noise level as about the same as a .22 long rifle. This was impressive for a 5.56mm out of a 10.5" barrel and such a small suppressor. I fired 55gr military ball, Federal TAP, and SS109 green tip ammo with no issues. 90 rounds of rapid fire brought the temperature of the suppressor up to 1100 degrees. At that point, the aluminum hand guard was just over 200 degrees. A little to warm to hold with a bare hand but OK with a light glove.

Lloyd Rue

Maurice, LA

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1474-D SPL (dB)

7.5" barrel - 55gr .223  140.00dB

10" barrel - 55gr .223  139.74dB

10" barrel - 77gr .223  137.28dB

16" barrel - 55gr .223  134.06dB

16" barrel - 77gr .223  129.27dB

16" barrel - 90gr .224V  137.49dB

16" barrel - 75gr .224V  137.58dB

Full-auto on 10" and longer barrels






6.01 inches

1.20 inches

13.34 ounces


Surface Treatment:


17-4 HH1150

Now Available for Consumer Purchase.

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