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Patent No. 10,222,163 B2

Patented technology for precision shooting

30 cal - 6.5mm - 6mm

Patent No. 10,222,163 (Device)
Patent No. 11,221,189 (Method)

Increased Accuracy
No ballistic POI shift - Tighter groups - Improved consistency
Minimal Recoil
Target stays in-glass for faster follow-up shots
Maximum Flash Suppression
Minimal/no first-round flash
Documented* Reduced Yaw and Drag
Longer range - Improved stability

Choosing a Precision Rifle Suppressor - SAFCAP-Δ Matrix ~ Rex Reviews

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The REX Defense team brings science and experience to the art of the rifle. Their training is purposefully unique, effective, and successful. Learn more about Rex Tibor and REX Defense here.


Read what others have to say about Predator™ TSS Silencers

I have the Pantera .30 cal mounted on an 18 inch 6.5 Grendel AR. Not only is the Pantera comfortably hearing safe, it also reduces gas blow back and recoil. The lack of eye burn from excessive gas and minimal recoil allow me to stay in glass for follow up shots.


I use the rifle for hunting purposes, and the Pantera is/was the final piece of the puzzle that my set-up was missing. I highly recommend the Pantera for any avid shooter/hunter looking to up their game.

Roy and the folks at Acadian Armament are a first class group of people. You will not go wrong choosing any of Acadian Armament's products.


Disclaimer- I own other brands of suppressors and have shot products from virtually every suppressor company on the market.

William Alston

Mt. Pleasant, Texas

Finally, a rifle suppressor suited for professionals who use precision rifles in the field. The Pantera does not require me to keep track of a separate zero when attached nor does it mess with my transitional ballistics or my velocities enabling me to stick with my original DOPE cards.  This is a priority to long range shooters who are required to minimize variables in the field.

Unsuppressed at two-hundred yards, the group is very tight with my precision rifle.  With the Pantera, it’s tighter. Even that small improvement is very significant, especially for long shots.

It’s accurate, it’s great on recoil, it’s lightweight and small, it’s cleanable, it’s quiet, and it’s remarkably simple. This is definitely the most unique and remarkable suppressor design I’ve ever seen.

Tacdrivers - Gunsite Academy

I’m headed back from a hunt in West Texas and the Pantera suppressor was amazing.  I made multiple headshots including one at 260 yards and took a deer at 400 with it right after shooting another deer. The only time my hunting partner heard me shoot was when he was only a couple hundred yards away.

Chris Place – LE sniper

This was my first suppressor purchase and it has performed great! I did have one small issue after putting a few hundred rounds through it, which may have been operator error. I brought it to the retailer and got it back repaired the next day. Great service! I’m impressed. Thanks Roy!

Armand D.

Panther 7” TSS, Colt LE AR15 and a Ruger Mark VI

If I had not shot it myself, I never would have believed it. The crosshair never left the target. And, the group was tighter too!
Cougar-8, .308 168gr Rem700 20"

Ryan J.

Grant Parish Sheriff's Office - Sniper

I have used and tested the Cougar and Panther line extensively and I am confident the Predator suppressors allow my rifles to maintain every bit of accuracy they are capable of. I shoot PRS competition with the 8" Cougar 30 cal with a 6.5 Creedmoor and I am very pleased. Accuracy is superb and recoil management is excellent on all my rifles. I have tested these side by side with the top brands in the industry and they are every bit as capable as the best. The take-down design really seals the deal for me.

Luke Bender

New Iberia, LA

It’s amazing to be able to shoot a 300 WinMag without hearing protection and hear the bullet hit the target down range. Even though I have a custom built rifle, the Predator Cougar silencer actually improved accuracy. Being a big game hunter it gives you more confidence in taking shots over 300 yds.

Eric C.

Poche Bridge, LA

I was at first hesitant because it was so different.  Even the materials are different from other suppressors.  But, results don’t lie.  I’m really impressed.

Barry S.

Prime Source Machining, Broussard, LA

Armadillos back home still have no idea what's going on.

Accuracy has definitely improved in 300BO, 270 and especially my very lightweight 16" 308 Rem. 700.

Brian B.

Lafayette, LA

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Patriot™ Guardian & Predator™ Pantera

TSS™ Technology  

MSRP $699

Dimensions:        7.00” x 1.50"OD

Weight:                12.7 Ounces

                             17-4 HH1150SS


                             2024-T3 Al/7075 Al


Mount Options:   5/8”-24 tpi Direct

                             1/2”-28 tpi Direct

                             M18-1 Direct

Caliber Options:



7.62mm/30 caliber


ROF limitation;  30 rounds/min semi-auto - 15 rounds/min sustained

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