Parallel-Path Baffle Technology
Minimal blow-back
Compact - Rugged - Serviceable
Preserves/improves shot grouping
Patent Pending 15/875,647
Method and Apparatus
Patriot Defender Predator Silencers

Patriot™ Defender

For barrels 7.5" and longer

Predator Lynx Predator Silencers

Predator™ Lynx

Rimfire to 5.56


Defender 9mm (D9)

Finally, a suppressor designed FOR roller-locks

RS - P with D9-low res.JPG
Small - Low back-pressure - Quiet

PPB™ silencers/suppressors are easily disassembled for cleaning and inspection.

These small and rugged silencers are rated for FA use.

(see individual item descriptions for restrictions).