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It’s really not about us.

It’s about you.

Our job is to understand what you need and want and to give it to you.


You said you need accuracy. You want to take it apart and clean it. You want it to be small and tough as nails. You need for it to be simple and dependable.  And, it needs to work.


That’s a tall order, so we rolled up our sleeves and started from scratch. We machined lots of metal and emptied a lot of brass casings and failed…a lot. But we learned a lot too. So we kept at it.


What resulted are two of the most innovative designs the industry has seen in over a century. Yep, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.


We’re not different just to stand out. 


It's about you, and that’s different.

Roy Couvillion Predator Silencers

How does an industry outsider come to build a better silencer?


In the late 1980’s Roy was told that it was not possible to automate data collection for a series of experimental helicopter flight tests. His response was, “I don’t understand why I can’t.” When frustrated by results from major medical device manufacturers, spine surgeons asked him to create a device to inter-operatively fashion inter-vertebral spacers from cadaveric fibula for anterior cervical discectomy and inter-body fusion procedures. Roy asked, “Can you write that down for me?” Asked by a major oilfield service company to find out why their deepwater MWD equipment failed intermittently while their scientists, engineers, and operators were pointing fingers at each other, he said, “Sure. What’s MWD?”


In each of these instances, and more, it is because Roy Couvillion was an outsider to that specific field that he was able to approach those design problems with a clean slate. Without the burden of bias from any particular perspective, he works to understand all aspects of the problem and the resources available to address it. His approach to firearm silencers is no different. And, as it often happens, his solutions are innovative, unique, simple, and effective.  [ResearchGate profile]

"If you ask Roy to make a wheel, stand back because he'll reinvent it...but you'll get a better wheel."  "I’d take one Roy over a room full of Ph.D.s”

Ted McIntyre, CEO

Marine Turbine Technologies

Makers of the turbine powered Y2K Superbike

Acadian Armament’s Patriot™ and Predator™ series silencers are produced in a 16,250 square-foot facility near Lafayette, Louisiana.  This ISO 9001:2008 certified facility houses the industry's most technologically advanced computerized machining equipment along with a highly experienced engineering and manufacturing staff. ​​​

  • Design and manufacturing engineers work closely together at every stage of design and development, prototyping, and manufacturing.

  • Full-time Quality Inspectors work continually in a controlled environment to ensure exact and consistent dimensional conformance.

  • Resource management optimizes asset schedules and minimizes downtime.

  • Redundant equipment and capabilities from 3D and 5-axis and horizontal milling to live-tool turning and other multi-function operations, laser and dot-peen engraving, etc.

  • Advanced machinery allows the ability to produce critical finish surface finishes and ensures absolute finish measurements even with difficult to machine alloys.

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