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The Silencer of Suppressors

Rimfire to .223/5.56 Full Auto

Lynx erases the line between rimfire size and centerfire toughness.

Now you can put your small pistol can on your rifle!

Lynx is tough enough to withstand full-auto 5.56mm NATO mag dumps, and it's "pellet gun quiet" on 22LR rifles with standard velocity ammo.


There's no need to buy low-powered sub-sonic ammo to get Hollywood quiet performance with Lynx.

It's quiet, it's tough, it's AMAZING!

"Amazing;" it's the most common comment we hear when people experience Lynx for the first time. 

Lynx is hearing safe on an AR15 and stupid quiet on 22LR.

Easily disassembled with common hand tools, Lynx can be thoroughly cleaned of rimfire fouling that can destroy a sealed can. 

MSRP $625


            Dimensions:       5.01” x 1.06"OD

            Weight:             7.3 Ounces

            Calibers:           Up to 5.56mm NATO

            Material:           17-4 HH1150SS QPQ

            Rate of Fire:      Full Auto*

Lifetime Warranty


1474-D Sound Levels

.22LR                    112.3 dB

.223/5.56mm         138.4 dB

Test Details


*.223/5.56 16" barrel length minimum

I bought this suppressor for my Ruger 10/22. and I love it. The Ruger has a carbon fiber barrel with a rimfire rifle scope and Hogue stock. I thought the suppressor would make the rifle muzzle a little heavy but after it was attached I was very happy how it felt. After an email session with Mr. Roy Couvillion, I purchased some standard velocity ammo and started shooting. Wow what a difference. I was able to shoot while my wife was sitting next to me on her cell phone and didn't bother her one bit Disassembly and cleaning is a breeze, thanks to the simplicity of the design. Mr. Couvillion was quick to respond to all my questions, which means a lot. Can't begin to tell you how much fun I am having shooting and am shooting more now than ever. I can say this purchase was definitely worth it. Thanks to Mr. Couvillion for his product, Mike Moore for his recommendation, and to Justin at Dave's Gun Shop for all his help. I hope to be able to purchase another suppressor from Acadian Armament in the near future.

James P Mouton

Lafayette, Louisiana

The Predator Lynx is my first silencer and I couldn't Be happier. So far I've only used it on my 22 Ruger pistol and I'm amazed at the noise reduction. I also want to give a big thank you to the staff at Acadian. They couldn't be nicer or more helpful.

Gary G.

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Shot the Lynx attached to my 10/22 and AR15. I shot CCI Standard Velocity 1070fps out of my Ruger 10/22 at targets and all you could hear was the spring in the gun and the bullet hitting the target. We shot the Lynx at semi and full auto out of the AR15 without ear protection and it was quieter than shooting a .410 shotgun. No discomfort at all. We then attached to the Ruger MKIII and it was the same as the 10/22. This suppressor is awesome and the size and weight are extraordinary.

Ryan James

Montgomery, LA

I really like my Lynx silencer.  Easy to attach and remove, reduces the report substantially on my AR (no ear protection required) with regular ammo.  Phenomenal reduction in report with subsonic rounds.  Great little silencer

Phil K.

Lafayette, LA

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