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D9 (Defender 9mm)
For roller-delayed actions - MP5

Patent No. 11,221,189 Method
Patent No. 10,634,444 Apparatus
  • Minimal blow-back

  • Minimal muzzle rise and recoil

  • Easy disassembly

  • Tight 3-lug mount

Acadian Armament Patriot™ series suppressors

D9 Reviews

I own the AAC Ti-Rant 45 & 9S. The D9 outperforms them both. Not only quieter but has a noticeably different tone or pitch with subsonic ammo. I noticed the same thing when comparing the Acadian Armament LYNX to the SilencerCo Sparrow. I bought the AAC Ti-Rant 9S to use exclusively on my Sig MPX SBR because of its compact size. I gave up on it because it's louder and has more blowback. The D9 now lives on the MPX permanently. My only hit on the D9 is weight, it's a bit heavy for use on pistols but, as I was told, it was made for MP5s and the likes. This is an excellent product!

Justin Richard

I’m not what you would call a “Tactical” kind of guy, I’m more of a redneck who loves to hunt and fish.    So when Ruger came out with their Pistol Caliber Carbine in 9mm, I knew I had to have one of those adult size 10/22s.    After shooting nearly 5,000 rounds through it, most of which were through my 45 cal suppressor, I’ve learned one thing...I’m not a fan of suppressing a 16 inch 9mm barrel.  It just seems to bulky with too much bang coming out the end of it.  That was until last April.   That’s when Acadian Armament allowed me to spin up the D9 suppressor onto the end of my PCC.  WOW!!!   Or should I say wow...   I was shocked at how much quieter it was.  I assumed it was simply because I was using a dedicated 9mm can and not substituting a 45 cal can onto a 9mm.  So I tracked down a few other people at the range who also let me try out their 9mm cans.    While I was still amazed at how quite my little 9mm PCC was I was now even more amazed at how quieter the Acadian Armament’s D9 was compared to the other two brands.    

Needless to say I am currently saving my beer cans to afford my own D9.   I think it’s gonna be great to have it on my PCC come next hog season.   

So shout out to the folks at Acadian Armament for yet another great suppressor.   

Opie Baker

West Monroe, LA

Shooting the Acadian Armament D9 suppressor on a H&K MP5 submachine gun was fantastic. The MP5 ran flawlessly with no gas blowback in the face. The reduction in recoil was significant and of course the sound suppression was great. It was quiet enough to run without hearing protection even in confined areas (even though I do not encourage that due to concussion unless necessary).

I have used and sell in our retail Acadian's products for over a year now. The capabilities, quality, and ease of use make Acadian silencers one of my go to silencer products.  We have transferred several silencer to their new stamp owners and they are very satisfied with their wait once they get out to the range. Our community is densely populated with highly trained MIL/LEO  personnel that have put their faith into Acadian as well. A+ Great design & Manufactured in the USA.​

SFC Andrew Rencich (Former US Army Special Forces - 18F) & P/CEO of AA Tactical Inc.

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Defender 9mm (D9)

Finally, a suppressor designed FOR roller-delayed weapons

MSRP $1099


MP5-N (Zenith Z-5RS) 8.9" barrel, 124gr 9mm NATO

               (approx 96% SPL reduction from unsuppressed)

MP5K-PDW (Zenith Z-5P) 5.8" barrel - 124gr 9mm NATO

                (approx 96% SPL reduction from unsuppressed)

Suitable for 300BO high velocity and subsonic

Full-auto capable on 9mm








6.64 inches

1.30 inches

17.0 ounces

17-4 HH1150


Do not use with a decoupler* on firearms with **locked-breech actions.

(*aka Neilson device, booster, recoil compensator)

(**aka Browning action)

Now Available for Consumer Purchase.

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