Defender Tames the Beast

A 7.5” AR is a beast. The unsuppressed muzzle blast is painful even when shooting outdoors with hearing protection. In close quarters, the concussion is similar to that of a stun grenade. Watch this SWAT live-fire training session video where a Defender 5.56mm suppressor from Acadian Armament is used inside of a car just inches away from a team member’s face. Hearing safe – Clean Blowback – Reliable Cycling Defender from Acadian Armament. Different, by design.

AA Tactical - Crestview, Florida

Acadian Armament (Predator Silencers) is proud to announce AA Tactical as its newest Authorized Dealer. "Suppressor shoppers want and need advice from competent, informed and trustworthy sources" explains Roy Couvillion of Acadian Armament. "A shop like AA Tactical with people like Andrew and April (Rencich) epitomizes what we look for when we place our products." Andrew, a veteran 18F from the Army 7th Special Forces Group, builds custom weapons and provides hard-to-find services such as Cerakote™ coatings, barrel threading, trigger jobs, etc. AA Tactical is expanding their NEW 7600 SQFT facility at 451 N. Ferdon Blvd. location in Crestview, FL to include Archery, Hydro dipping, Stippling,

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