Range Day at Shot Show '19

Oleg Volk sums up Range Day at Shot Show quite well in this article in AllOutdoor.com this week. Check it out; he and Sammy the Dwarf give concise reviews of new and different items on display. Sammy's knowledge of firearms is impressive as are his shooting skills. We received a lot of attention at the show until the very end of the last day. Zenith displayed the D9-Z suppressor for roller-delayed blow-back weapons such as their Z-5 series weapons, the H&K MP-5, etc. The D9-Z and the Defender were hits at the show. Here's a short video compiled from a few clips on Range Day. - Many thanks to the guys from DesertTech for putting the Defender on their 5.56 bullpup. They were our next-door nei

Zenith Reveals the D9-Z at Shot Show

Today at Shot Show, Zenith will show off the D9-Z suppressor designed for roller-delayed blow-back weapons. If you have a Z-5, an MP-5, or other roller delayed sub-gun, you're going to want to know about this suppressor. Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at the Zenith booth at Shot. If you're at Shot Show this week, keep an eye out for Roy. He'll be with Zenith today at the range, and you'll likely see him at the Zenith booth occasionally.

Simply Beautiful

Hey! Eyes up here! Ok. Imagine that you signed up to be an extra in a Clint Eastwood movie and the big man himself gives you a supporting role. This is how we felt when we found out that Candice Horner (Recoil Magazine cover photo below) selected our Lynx suppressor for the 22 Nosler build on this Masterpiece Arms bolt-action chassis. We're definitely in good company here with names synonymous with quality and performance; Nightforce, Vudoo Gun Works, Timney Triggers, ZRO Delta, and Aimtech. Lynx is an amazing little suppressor and is capable of handling the extremely high pressures of the 22 Nosler, 22-250, and .223/5.56mm. Lynx is easily disassembled and is easily cleaned for use with rim

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