Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Chooses Patriot Silencers

Lafayette company develops silencers for law enforcement and anti-terror applications Lafayette, LA October 18, 2017: Acadian Armament, a Lafayette Louisiana company, was chosen to supply silencers for Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office SWAT, training and field use. “This silencer was designed specifically for law enforcement and anti-terror applications to complement a minimalistic weapon platform” says Roy Couvillion, inventor of the technology behind this unique device. The strict design parameters made development of the Patriot™ Defender LE-SBR a challenge. “It’s fairly easy to design a quiet silencer if big and heavy are not concerns” says Couvillion. “The objective here was to minimiz

Are you confused? Congratulate yourself!

Silencers…suppressors…decibels…trusts…tax stamps…vomit. Sound familiar? I was once what I now believe to be a typical consumer making a first-time foray into silencer (aka “suppressor”) shopping. I’m fairly bright; I survived engineering school, I convinced a beautiful woman to marry me, I manage to keep my bills paid and even got a couple of patents along the way. But not much in my life has made me feel as ignorant and out of touch as trying to buy a silencer. Like many, I wanted a silencer for two basic reasons; 1) my rifle was very loud and 2) silencers are cool! I thought I could turn my AR15 into a pellet-gun-quiet weapon of…whatever. I don’t hunt and don’t plan on joining a militia,

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