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Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Chooses Patriot Silencers

Lafayette company develops silencers for law enforcement and anti-terror applications

Lafayette, LA October 18, 2017: Acadian Armament, a Lafayette Louisiana company, was chosen to supply silencers for Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office SWAT, training and field use.

“This silencer was designed specifically for law enforcement and anti-terror applications to complement a minimalistic weapon platform” says Roy Couvillion, inventor of the technology behind this unique device.

The strict design parameters made development of the Patriot™ Defender LE-SBR a challenge. “It’s fairly easy to design a quiet silencer if big and heavy are not concerns” says Couvillion. “The objective here was to minimize size, weight, gas blowback, etc. and at the same time maximize sound attenuation, accuracy and durability.” Couvillion worked closely with Department of State Anti-Terror Assistance program team leader and curriculum advisor Mark Greneaux and law enforcement personnel to develop a suppressor/weapon package for anti-terror, SWAT and other close-quarter operations.

“Given the tight parameters Mark prescribed, it was clear that we’d need a different approach” explains Couvillion regarding the new firearm blast suppression technology used in the Defender design. The patent-pending method used by the Defender is also used in Acadian Armament’s Predator™ Lynx. Predator™ is Acadian’s sporting line of products and the very popular Lynx is the smallest .223/5.56mm NATO full-auto rated silencer available.

Couvillion credits law enforcement feedback for the minimal blowback characteristic of the Defender. “SWAT team members consider blowback a significant performance factor especially in close-quarters use. A very minor tweak in the baffle geometry made a significant difference and actually improved sound pressure levels.” He further explains “It’s a considerable safety issue and I don’t know that I would have gotten there without that input.”

The Patriot™ series Defender LE-SBR (DLE-SBR) for 5.56mm NATO is simple, rugged, small and dependable. The DLE-SBR is currently available to government agencies only. For agency purchase and product information, please visit

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