Can the Defender 5.56 Suppressor Tame a 7.5" AR?

“No way!” This gunshop owner in Crestview, Florida is no stranger to firearm suppressors. On his first look at the Defender™ 5.56 from Acadian Armament (Predator Silencers), he commented, “There’s no way this little suppressor can quiet a 7.5 inch AR.” But Defender Suppressor can. And it does more. (Click on the image above to watch it in action!) At 6 inches long and a mere 1.2” diameter, this small suppressor not only renders the AR pistol hearing safe, it practically eliminates muzzle rise and recoil and it produces minimal blow-back. The initial skepticism of the Defender is not uncommon especially with those familiar with conventional suppressors. But Defender is not a conventional sup

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