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Can the Defender 5.56 Suppressor Tame a 7.5" AR?

Senior LE officer describing Defender from Acadian Armament

“No way!” This gunshop owner in Crestview, Florida is no stranger to firearm suppressors. On his first look at the Defender™ 5.56 from Acadian Armament (Predator Silencers), he commented, “There’s no way this little suppressor can quiet a 7.5 inch AR.”

But Defender Suppressor can. And it does more. (Click on the image above to watch it in action!)

At 6 inches long and a mere 1.2” diameter, this small suppressor not only renders the AR pistol hearing safe, it practically eliminates muzzle rise and recoil and it produces minimal blow-back. The initial skepticism of the Defender is not uncommon especially with those familiar with conventional suppressors. But Defender is not a conventional suppressor.

“There’s almost no muzzle action” commented a senior LE officer evaluating Defender. “It doesn’t come off target!” Often described as a diminutive beast, the unsuppressed 7.5-inch AR-15 pistol is difficult to control at high rates of fire. The muzzle blast is deafening and blinding as much of the propellant explodes outside of the barrel.

“Defender has an internal muzzle brake” explains Roy Couvillion of Acadian Armament (Predator™ Silencers), inventor of the patent-pending technology. “The push-back is straight, and no clocking or indexing of the suppressor is necessary.” The unique patent-pending design uses the mass of the muzzle blast itself to reduce recoil before being ejected.

When asked if he would carry the Defender on his shelves, the gunshop owner replied, “Heck, I want one of these for myself!”

Defender is unique; it’s small, it’s effective, it’s easy to disassemble, it’s tough as nails, and it works. Shop our site to pre-order your Defender Suppressor. For agency sales and demonstrations, contact us at

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