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Recoil Magazine Cover. Candice Horner and Lynx on Masterpiece Arms 22 Nosler

Ok. Imagine that you signed up to be an extra in a Clint Eastwood movie and the big man himself gives you a supporting role. This is how we felt when we found out that Candice Horner (Recoil Magazine cover photo below) selected our Lynx suppressor for the 22 Nosler build on this Masterpiece Arms bolt-action chassis.

We're definitely in good company here with names synonymous with quality and performance; Nightforce, Vudoo Gun Works, Timney Triggers, ZRO Delta, and Aimtech.

Lynx is an amazing little suppressor and is capable of handling the extremely high pressures of the 22 Nosler, 22-250, and .223/5.56mm. Lynx is easily disassembled and is easily cleaned for use with rimfire ammo. Its big brother, Defender, is hearing safe all the way to 7.5" AR platforms.

To learn more about these and other unique products from Acadian Armament, visit

Recoil Magazine is widely available at gun stores and other usual outlets. (I bought two!) You can also get it digitally at

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