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The least understood firearm suppressor.


Is the Lynx from Acadian Armament (Predator Silencers) a 5.56mm NATO suppressor that can be used in rimfire applications, or is it a rimfire silencer that can handle 5.56mm NATO ammo on 16" rifles in high ROF applications.


It's both.

The Lynx is an incredibly small and exceptionally effective 22 caliber suppressor. It's well suited for rimfire as well as 5.56 NATO in high ROF use. It's giggly quiet (112.3dB) on a 16" bolt action rifle with standard velocity ammo, and hearing safe on a 16" AR.

And your accuracy won't suffer with the Lynx. In fact, users are getting better accuracy with one user reportedly hitting 10" steel at 1,000 yards and 77gr .223 box ammo.

How does it compare to others? Well, there are no other 5.56 mm suppressors this size, so we don't really know. We do know that the most common first-impression comment we get is; "Amazing!"


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