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See how Rex Tibor selects a precision rifle silencer, and...

Rex Tibor is one of the most skilled, affable, and popular long distance shooting trainers in the country. He's able to take a scientific approach to a difficult task and relay that knowledge to just about anyone. One of my engineering professors once told me that you can measure the depth of a person's understanding of a topic by the length of the words they use to explain it. If they have to use jargon and long words and can't break it down to common language, they probably don't really know it very well.

Rex makes it look easy. I first discovered Rex when I was trying to understand what long-distance shooters wanted and needed (not always the same thing) and how that would define suppressor design parameters. The engineer in me loved the explanations. The novice shooter part appreciated the simple approach.

Rex does it again in this video. I knew he was evaluating the Pantera and he called occasionally to better understand it. He also called other high-end users and compared notes. He really worked hard to understand it, and I really appreciate that. Here's the "and..." part; Rex sort of initially dismissed the Pantera when he first saw it. I don't blame him for that, many people have the same reaction. Pantera is a very different silencer. Like Rex, most informed users come to love it when the come to know it.

So watch the video and do yourself a favor by subscribing to Rex's channel. You'll be glad you did.

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