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Another First Impression - D9 & MP5

As much as we believe in our products, we want others to know what we know. The pairing of the D9 suppressor and the MP5* is a match made in...well, the USA! So, we're asking experienced shooters to evaluate the D9 on its intended hosts. We'll publish these reviews as they arrive and you'll see the reviewers' candid reactions. While watching a video is nothing like actually shooting it yourself, it's far better than having to ask someone, "What's your decibel reduction?"

In this review, competition shooter David O'Donnell is shooting the MP5 for the first time. In two installments, you see his initial impression of the D9 and the host platform, and then his evaluation of other performance aspects of the weapon system.

A short history of the birth of the D9; when we first met at Shot Show 2018, the gunsmiths at Zenith Firearms were lamenting the fact that no silencer really mated well with their Zenith Z-5. It was there and then that the challenge began. Our patent-pending PPB (parallel-path baffle) method seemed to be a perfect solution for the backpressure-sensitive roller-delayed blowback action of the MP5.

What emerged from the Acadian Armament lab is nothing short of ground breaking. The D9 provides top tier sound attenuation in a fraction of the size of conventional designs. Blowback is minimal, it mounts easily and fits tight onto the three-lug barrel mount, recoil is slight and straight, and we've seen no cycling issues even in full-auto. The D9 is easily disassembled for cleaning, etc. and can be used on 300BO, and many other 30-caliber rounds.

We hope you get a chance to test drive one yourself. In the meantime, we hope enjoy the videos.


*The label MP5 is used here as a universal reference. Just as not all "AR-15s" are made Armalite; not all "MP5s" are made by H&K. In fact, it could be argued that Zenith makes a better MP5 than H&K; but maybe that's just me.

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