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Dealers Receive Long-awaited D9

Select Dealers are getting their hands on the long-awaited D-9 and they’re lovin’ it!

The D-9 is now available for retail sale* from select Acadian Armament Dealers. Dealers are competing for limited quantities and can take reserve orders for the first commercial lot until April 18, 2009.

It seems everyone wants a 9mm version of the phenomenal Defender (5.56mm) suppressor. The D-9 was designed for professional use on weapons intended for QCB (Close Quarters Battle). It is absolutely reliable, it's small, it’s tough, and it’s quiet. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from Acadian Armament.

And now, you can have it, too!

Here’s a short video submitted by Chris Daniel of Halfcocked Arms and Accessories. He has the D-9 on a Glock 17; these are the first rounds fired through that suppressor.

(*Government and LE Agency sales of the D9-Z are managed through Zenith Firearms)

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