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D9 from Predator Silencers - Is it too quiet?

Ouch!!! I hate it when that happens.

Can your suppressor really be too quiet?

(CORRECTION - The video shows 1.412 seconds. That's not right; it's 2.17 seconds, but that ain't bad.)

(While you're at it, notice there is no smoke coming out of the breach and very little coming out of the muzzle. That's the PPB baffle doing what it does best.)

We found that the timer would register the breach noise if you held it close to the breach on the MP-5. This range officer didn’t get close enough and Chris lost this amazingly fast 2.17-second performance.

5 shots - 5 hits - 2.17 seconds

Sorry about that Chris. We’ll make it up to you.

D9 is the Defender for your 9mm firearm. Its patent-pending Parallel-Path Baffle system produces minimal blowback and works beautifully on backpressure-sensitive weapons like the MP-5 Chris is shooting here.

You can find the D9 at select Acadian Armament Dealers.

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